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BANNU: Infuriated Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protestors Break In A Christian School, Cause Damage To The Building


BANNU: The anti-Charlie Hebdo protestors break in a Christian school, demanding its closure.

Protestors attack a Christian boys school in Bannu
Protestors attack a Christian boys school in Bannu

According to media reports, on Monday January 26, throng of agitated protestors protesting against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo for publishing caricatures deemed blasphemous by Muslims stormed a Christian boys’ school, Panel High School in Bannu. The mob raised their voices demanding its closure.

The school Principal Fredrick Farhan Das told the media that: “A group of some 200 to 300 protesting students entered Panel High School after jumping its outer walls and forcibly opened the gates.” As a result of this assault, four students were slightly hurt. He went on to reveal that the protestors who wanted the school to be closed damaged the property while smashing windows. “This caused kind of a stampede, which slightly injured four students,” he added. The Principal told that the school remained closed on the following day in protest against the incident and re-opened today, Wednesday, January 28. On the other hand, District police officer Abdul Rashid Khan confirmed the appalling incident, however added that it does not appears to be “an anti-Christian attack.”

Recently, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo published caricatures that have incited anger among Muslims all over the world. Infuriated Muslism have taken it to the streets and in several instance have tried to harm Christians in revenge.