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The barbarian cruelty expo: Pakistani Christians chained like dogs in Thai detention centers


British Pakistani Christians Association narrates horrific ordeals Pakistani Christians face in Thai detention centers. These asylum seekers are being persistently given a cold shoulder by the UNHCR, and once hooked by Thai authorities face ghastly incarceration. This is an out of pan and into fire situation for the Pakistani Christians in Thailand who had fled from their country in search a safe haven.

Pakistani Christians in Thai detention centers

The British Pakistani Christian Association,(BPCA) a Christian advocacy group after visiting Thailand, has revealed inside stories of the horrific and pathetic conditions Pakistani Christians are living in the detention centers in Bangkok. Wilson Chaudhary, Director of the British Pakistani Christians Association said, “What we found is that the wardens protecting, meant to be protecting these detainees, deny them access to healthcare and medicines.” Consequently, six Pakistani Christians have died while in detention in these centers.

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BPCA Director went on to portray a horrendous situation for the Pakistani Christians in Thai detention centers and said, he and his team managed to capture heart wrenching scenes when including detainees “chained like fogs.” He further described inhumane conditions in the detention center saying, “The stench as you walk in is overpowering. They have two toilets to serve over 200 people.”

At few detention cells which have the capacity to fit 100, they have kept 200 detainees. “So they are sleeping one on top of each other, or they’ll be sleeping crouching or standing up.” Wilson Chaudhary heaped condemnation upon the Thai government saying “There is no one else to blame. The responsibility lies with the royal Thai authorities.”