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Become of Voice of Persecuted Christian Community: The Call is Yours

Become a Voice for your prosecuted Christian Community of Pakistan
Become a Voice for your prosecuted Christian Community of Pakistan

According to report of Nasir saeed for Pakistan Christian Post, the local council and EU elections are over in the UK, and all three key parties look concerned about the results, while UKIP (UK independence party) has achieved victory in both elections. Lots of Pakistanis have earned local council seats, while three Pakistanis have won European Parliament seats too.

Tory MEP, Sajjad Karim, was able to maintain his seat while Afzal Khan of the Labor party and Bashir Amjad of UKIP have been elected MEPs for the first time.

The Pakistani community seems joyous as now they have a significant existence in British politics. Now they have Pakistani Muslim representatives to speak for them in the local councils, House of Commons, House of Lords and even the EU, from where they will be able to increase the profile of their community, and of Pakistan too.

In this whole scenario Pakistani Christians, James Shera, of the Labour party has been re-elected for the 10th time, while the young and highly educated Fraz Money, son of well-known businessman and ex Labour councilor Edgar Money, also won the local council election.

Nasir Saeed is not aware of any Pakistani Christian having even entered the EU elections, not just from the UK, but from other European countries. According to him, it is very unsatisfactory.
Pakistani Christians are not taking steps in the right direction to reach the corridor of power to make themselves taken seriously not by the Pakistani government but the world too. The reason is ignorance of the significance of joining UK politics, especially the European parliament, or because they lack the abilities. But it’s time to wake up and do something for their Christian community.

All three major parties always look for Asian candidates, especially for local elections but Pakistani Christians do not come forward. Possibly it is psychological as we are not acknowledged in mainstream politics. On the contrary, in the UK there is a huge scope and equal opportunities are available for everyone with no difference on the basis of race, religion or social status, but purely on merit.
He added, “It is very important for us to understand the changing realities of global politics, to reach these power houses as this is the need of the time. If we are really concerned about what is going on with Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere, and we want to make a real difference and eliminate their suffering, then there is no other better way to do this.”

He further said, “next year the general elections are going to be held. I am aware of several Pakistani candidates, but again I am not aware of any Pakistani Christian standing in the next general election. Though most parties have already elected their candidates, there is still time. Contesting elections on the platform of any major political party is very beneficial in many ways and chances are always high of being elected, but in every election several independent candidates are elected too. They have the same respect and rights.”

“If you have a heart for your community, you think you can make a difference, and can become a voice for your community, then your community needs you – come forward and bear the cross. The call is yours”, he said.