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Beware Of “The Church Of Scientology” One Of The Fastest Growing Modern Day Cults


Scientology church

The Church of Scientology is an atrocious and precarious cult, masquerading as a religion.

The purpose of Church of Scientology is to make money, while it a range of mind-control techniques to control people. The people are lured to this cult by using these mind-controlling techniques and eventually the church gains their control over their money and their lives.

The cult aims to enchain its followers to promote its wicked ends. Scientology is a confused blend of dangerously applied psychotherapy, unsuitable rules and ideas, and science-fiction nonsense that is presented to its members as “Deep Spiritual Truth.”

This cult was started in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard, who was a science fiction writer. Hubbard had an aim to start a religion in order to make money. The cult is factually a derivative of a method of psychotherapy he invented. He named it “Dianetics”.

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In order to gain money from Dianetics, he further expanded it to make it seem like a religion. Dianetics is a form of regression therapy. Hubbard called it “Scientology”.

For the sake of money making, all of the church of scientology so called “sacred” documents are copyrighted and are not available for all. Its members have to pay fees amounting thousands of dollars to the church in order to view the various documents termed as, “levels of enlightenment,” eight in all.

These church scriptures are regarded as “trade secrets,” and the church actively hunts after anyone who even in slightest of attempt tries to expose or publish their documents. The Church of Scientology purportedly, does not allows its members to leave the cult and its practices, and those who leave are continuously harassed so as to force them back into the church.

Few beliefs of this cult are listed below:

• They believe that God exists, but do not have a specific belief about His Devine Nature.
• Scientologists do not believe in the concept of eternal life in hell and heaven.
• They believe in reincarnation in which a person passes through a number of lifetimes.
• They believe that personal salvation in one lifetime is, “freedom from the cycle of birth and death.”
• Scientologists believe that a person is neither “mind” nor “body”, but a “soul.”