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Beware Of The Poison Of Lies



Each day, we make the same choice countless times: whether to lie or tell the truth.




The Poison of lies
The Poison of lies


It often happens without thinking, while we disregard the intense impact of these apparently minor decisions. Yet the least of the lies can cost you money, influence your relationships, and affect the quality of your life. On the contrary, honesty offers various unexpected psychological benefits. Here’s how truth and lies affect your brain and your life every day.



Lying involves a lot of hard work. On the contrary, when you tell the truth, you basically remember what happens. When you lie, primarily you have to think what you’re trying to hide, work out a convincing side of the opposite, give a persuasive performance to sell that lie, and finally remember it forever so you never get caught. Even if you’re pretending to love disgusting food, that’s a lot of pressure. Doubtlessly this pressure builds and builds every time you lie. Everybody does so, even if they don’t think so.




According to a deception expert Pamela Meyer, “the average person lies three times within the first minute of meeting a stranger and between 10 and 200 times per day.”




Have a look at how lying affects our health:


1- Increased Risks of Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Research has established a clear connection between frequent lies and increased risks of anxiety, depression and stress. A pioneer for many more serious health problems, stress can also degrade our immunity, affect our appetite, and make us feel tired, angry, and prone to headaches.



2. Diminish Immunity:

It’s no wonder that the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine.” Happy thoughts produce endorphins, which make us feel good, and they also support our immune function. When we lie, we have a lot more to keep track of. That can lead us to distressing and mulling over our lies, which makes us less likely to experience the endorphins that do our immunity good.



3. Sleeplessness:

Figuring out how you’re going to get today’s lie covered up tomorrow is going to keep you up at night. Lying makes sleep almost impossible potentially cause upsetting nightmares. Lack of proper sleep has been widely connected with severe health issues including depression, weight gain and headaches.



4. Poor Digestion:

Few things will make you straight away sick to your stomach as telling a big fat lie. Continuous lying can cause irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, loss of appetite, stress eating and other eating disorders.



5. Increase Cancer Risk:

Even as, there are no studies that can directly connect lying and cancer, there are definite connections between stress and certain types of cancer. As a rule, the less we lie, the less we stress, which may not only save our lives, but make them more enjoyable, too.





Let’s consider what lying does to our Spiritual health:


No wonder, scores of Christians are not aware of the effect that lies have on their lives. This may be because lying is possibly the commonest sin of all; big lies, small lies, spoken lies, unspoken lies and half-truths are all lies.


The first destructive effect of lies is that it scorches your conscience. As your conscience is the measuring rod that keeps you in line with God. People with seared consciences can potentially commit horrible crimes against humanity.



Secondly, lying is a risky madness, because you little by little suppose your own lies to be the truth; which is self-deception.



Fundamentally, lies are the instruments of devil, which he actively uses to work great evil. As an essence lies are the basic part of all wicked and bad things. Evil cannot thrive without the aid of lies.



Above all consider the following Scriptures:


These six things doth the LORD hate… a lying tongue… (Proverbs 6:l6, l7)



…the abominable, and murderers… and sorcerers… and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone… (Revelation 21:8)



Be sincere with yourself. Consider correcting any lies you might have told. This is the creation of something new. By God’s standards it is always superior to speak the truth and face the consequences, then to lie to escape certain circumstances.



Beware lies are the weapons of Satan. Do not join hands with the devil.