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Bhimber: Insufficient funds impede realization of Christian community’s dream


Young Christian activist Shakeel Anjum is striving to build a structure to be used as ‘Community Welfare Center” in Bhimber – a town in Azad Kashmir. This hall is being constructed under the patronage of Shakeel Anjum who is a renowned Pakistani Christian journalist, Founding Chairman of Nawa-e-Masihi (Voice of Christians).

Christians in Bhimber

Talking to Christians in Pakistan, Shakeel Anjum said that previously a hall was being used as Community Welfare Center, but the set up took a problematic shape when it became difficult to pay the rent of the hall. The center was shut for a period of time, because of this difficulty.

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Shakeel Anjum told that the estimated expenditure for construction of this hall is around 300000 Pakistani Rupees. Construction work has already started but at a controlled pace due to insufficient funds available. Once completed, this center would be used as a school for Christian children. “Education is your passport to prosperous future,” he believes.

Christian schools in Azad Kashmir

Christians in Azad Kashmir, lag behind due to lack of education and awareness. Educating children will boost local Christian community’s progress. As a native, Shakeel Anjum for long had a dream to initiate a set-up which can help him uplift his community. The Community Welfare Center also offered vocational training to young Christian girls so as to enable them to earn in a respectable manner.

With an aim to elevate his people in Azad Kashmir, Shakeel Anjum eyes to build the center as soon as possible. For this purpose, he urges all to help him in the realization of this dream. Bhimber was once home to mushrooming Christian community, but majority of them migrated to Punjab and other parts of the country at the time of independence. This migration caused a shrinking in the Christian population in this blissfully blessed land; as God has endowed natural tranquility, meadows, pastures, minerals and various other natural boons to Azad Kashmir.