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A country where Bible reading is punishable by cutting right hand of the perpetrator


persecuted Christians

Saudi Arabia has a law in effect under which any person who is caught reading a Bible, can face severely brutal punishment.

Under the Saudi law, reading the Bible is liable to be punished by shredding the reader’s right hand. In addition to this, the four fingers and thumb are cut to the level of the bone almost about forty or fifty times. The inhumane punishment does not take a softer line here.

Further more, the muscles and nerves are cut off in order to cause the hand completely useless to be used in future. In some of the severe cases, this heinous procedure is carried out in unhygienic conditions which cause serious infection in the wound.

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Saudi Arabia is a strictly an Islamic kingdom which ranks number 12 on the list of Open Doors with regards to the countries where Christians face persecution. In the Saudi kingdom, it is strictly prohibited to plainly practice other religions than Islam.

In the country, conversion to another religion from Islam is liable to be punished by by death. Conversion to other religions is considered apostasy. While the country is breeding ground for the radical Islam, Christians face persecution off and on. Majority of Christians found in Saudi Arabia, are settlers from Asia or Africa.

People who converted to Christianity from Islam are liable to face ruthless risks of being killed even by their own families. The religious police have the authority to raid House churches and hook anybody found involved in religious activities other than Islamic activities.