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Bible-reading woman stabbed by an Afghan asylum seeker


An Afghan asylum seeker attacked a Christian woman in Austria. Details emerged that the woman was stabbed when she was reading the Bible out loud at a refugee center. The victim was reportedly 50-years-old, was attacked in the Timelkam municipality in Upper Austria state.

Christians attacked in Europe

In keeping with details, investigations unfolded that the attacker had claimed that he attacked the woman due to his own “personal problems.” It was revealed that the attacker had claimed that he had never seen the victim before. Police revealed that the victim and her husband had been invited at the refugee center to the read the Bible.

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The investigative officers revealed that the woman and her husband were invited in order to read the Bible for the Christian residents of the refugee shelter. They said that when the woman was reading the bible out loud when the enraged Afghan refugee entered the kitchen and grabbed a butter knife.

Investigative officers revealed that the assailant stabbed the woman with the butter knife. The victim reportedly fell backwards, and hurt her ear, however, she did not sustain serious injuries. The attacker was arrested by the police and was put behind the bars. He was detained at imprisonment cell in Wels.

Experts revealed that last year about 700,000 migrants managed to sneak into Austria. Data revealed that no less than 90,000 refugees filed asylum applications. Austria is nestled in the famed migrant route from Turkey via Greece and the Balkans to Germany.

The refugees had been causing much nuisance as there have been many cases reported. In 2015, an Iraqi asylum seeker from Iraq sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna. In September 2016, police detained five Afghan migrants in Austria; over accusations of sexually harassing women during a wine festival in Wels. The alleged perpetrators were aged between 15 and 16, whereas the fifth was 22 years old.