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Bills furnishing favorable disposition towards minorities likely to be tabled in National Assembly


A minority lawmaker is all set to move a bill titled “Pakistan Minorities Rights Commission Act, 2016” in the National Assembly. The bill has been drafted in compliance with the Supreme Court’s eminent ruling regarding religious minorities. In the wake of the apex court’s ruling the lawmaker has taken up the task to introduce two bills addressing issues of religious minorities in the country.

Minorities Rights in Pakistan

MNA Sanjay Parwani is intending to move two bills in the National Assembly- he is likely to introduce the proposed bills in the National Assembly in the next session. These bills are pertaining to the scourge of forced conversions of minorities’ girls in Pakistan. The second bill will be necessitating formation of a commission which ensures and oversees protection of the rights of minorities.

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MQM’s MNA Sanjay Parwani claims that one of these bills titled “Pakistan Minorities Rights Commission Act, 2016” had been drafted bearing the June 19, 2014 judgment of the Supreme Court in mind. He said that thus far government has not taken up the task to ensure protection of religious minorities. He further said that he would be the first one to initiate the striving.

The commission proposed in the draft will comprise of 12 members, including 1 chairman to be appointed by the Federal Government. Strikingly, the chairman and six members of the commission will be from religious minorities. The commission will be assigned with multi-tasks including reviewing all laws, rules and regulations which would directly or indirectly affecting the Non-Muslim Pakistanis. Moreover, the commission will propose amendments or repeal in new legislations which would be deemed discriminatory.

Among many other functions of the commission would be to entertain complaints of violations of minorities’ rights, while enjoying powers of a civil court.

The other bill likely to be tabled, will ensure legal defenses against the peril of forced conversions and protection of rights of minorities’ women and children. Titled as “The Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Act 2016”, will be efficacious in keeping a check on forced conversions of minorities’ girls by means of abductions, sexual assaults and forced marriage.