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Biometrics Enabled Walk Through Gates Installed At The All Saint’s Church


PESHAWAR: Security at the All Saint’s beefed up after the deadly twin suicide bombings about two months ago.


According to details, biometrics enabled walk through gates have been installed at the Church. Churchgoers have to walk into All Saints Church through the new biometrics enabled security gates installed by the police of late. This reinforced security measure which, according to the authorities, will soon be implemented in Churches all around the city; comes as a welcomed move by the police.


These walk through gates have been installed on the instructions of the Inspector General following the September 22 twin bombings.  In the first place, these newly installed gates will spot each one who enters or leaves the Church premises while passing through these. Notably, more than 200 people were killed and dozens were injured in the September 22 blasts just after the Sunday Mass at the All Saints Church.


On the other hand, the provincial government is in motion; installing security cameras at various locations all over the city and above all KP government has will steadfastly be using a computerised security system linked to the Inspector General’s office in order to keep an eye on the city. Moreover, the KP government has also asked Church administrations to employ their own security guards while the government will pay their salaries; owing to the fact that the provincial government does not have as much as necessary security personnel, CIP has learned.


As said by the Bishop of Peshawar Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter, the biometric gates were an excellent security measure that should not be restricted to Peshawar only. “Our Churches are being targeted everywhere,” he said. “Such biometric enabled gates and extra security personnel should be deployed at churches around the province.”

“We have hired three guards from a private security firm but so far the government has not paid them. We request the government to pay the security guards so they can continue with their job,” he said.