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Bishop Council’ Action Committee demands abolition of Minority Advisory Council Punjab


Bishops Council’ Action Committee has robustly demanded abolition of Minority Advisory Council Punjab. The members of Action Committee said that Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights had tried to sow discord among the Christian denominations in the country. His statements prove, that he is an irresponsible person, they asserted.

Khalil Tahis Sindhu statement against Bishops Council

The Bishop Council’ Action Committee said that they have forwarded a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab asking him to replace Khalil Tahir Sindhu over his reckless attitude. “We will meet leaders of PML-N and brief them about the sacrifices we have made,” they stated.

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They went on to accuse the provincial minister for minorities’ affairs has been cowardly, as he has been backed by such elements which are eye genocide of Christians in Pakistan. Despite studying law, he has been displaying negligence and his attitude has been reported to the CM and Governor of Punjab. “His divisive statement may cause dissensions among Christian youth,” they stated.

We call upon the government to abolish the Minority Advisory Council Punjab. They said that the Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs Kahlil Tahir Sindhu’ controversial statement on the floor of Punjab Assembly, has hurt the sentiments of Pakistan Christian church leaders. They said that the provincial minister seems to have forgotten his responsibilities.

Furthermore, they explained that special prayers are being continuously offered in the churches for speedy recovery of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. At this occasion they demanded that a new Minority Advisory Council be established and every stake holder should have representation in it.