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Bishop of Multan calls for revocation of alcohol permits granted to Non-Muslims


Bishop of Multan, Rt. Revd Leo Roderick Paul has called for revocation of alcohol permits granted to Non-Muslims. He claimed that the authorities are overlooking the problems of the Non-Muslims who are facing several problems that need to be addressed on immediate basis.

Christians in Multan

Bishop of Multan heaped condemnation upon the negligence exhibited by the authorities. He said the minorities in Southern Punjab are facing immense problems that need to be dealt with. He pointed out to the fact that no funds have been allocated for renovation or repair work of temples of Hindus and Sikhs. He said the worship places of minorities are undergoing wear and tear, and need immediate attention from the government.

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Bishop of Multan while addressing the audience at a seminar held at Central based Church in Multan said that the concerned authorities must immediately cancel all alcohol permits issued thus far. At this occasion, other speakers Shahid Jatoyi, Aleem Gillani, Kashif Kamran Khan and others said that no funds have been allocated for the development of Christians nestled in Southern Punjab. They urged for ownership rights for Christians in Qasim Bela, availability of allocated job quota for minorities and action against mafia groups eyeing for properties of churches and mission.