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Bishop Samuel Azariah Urges Pakistani Christians To Show Solidarity Against Persecution


Bishop of Raiwind, Samuel Azariah was addressing The Episcopal Church’s General Convention’s Legislative Committee on World Mission on 26 June. On this occasion he addressed the issue of persecution faced by Pakistani Christians. He called out to all minorities being targeted by religious extremism and thriving under the worst conditions.

Bishop Azariah on commenting about the proposed General convention resolution urged the Pakistani government to provide adequate security measures for all religious minorities in the region and also urged all Christians to unite and remain steadfast in this tough time.

He appealed the government to provide security, “specifically with respect to the prevention of the abduction, forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage of young women from minority religious communities.”

Bishop Samuel Azariah also spoke out about the draconian blasphemy law which remain a large threat to the Pakistani Christian community.

Yet the Pakistani Christian community – 1.5 per cent of 180 million people – remains steadfast in faith despite the daily persecution they face, he said.