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Black and white piano keys sound like a million colors in my mind says Joshua Keyth Benjamin a piano maestro


Pakistan’s keyboard prodigy Joshua Keyth Benjamin is a gleaming at the music horizon of the country. As a session player Joshua has played with the top-notch singers including Ahmad Jahanzeb, Sajjad Ali, Ali Zafar and many more. Music had been his manner since early childhood, “At the age of 6,” he said “I started learning music from my father Samuel Benjamin (late)” Joshua is on the roll as he chips in with his latest endeavor in Coke Studio Season 9.

Christians musicians in Pakistani Coke Studio

Born in a Punjabi family, Joshua is settled in Karachi. As he recalled his childhood, he said, “I studied at the Queen’s High School, later completed my intermediate privately.” His journey had never been an easy one-it was an uphill journey. “Due to some family problems and my parents’ health issues, I wasn’t able to continue my studies.”

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In the face of augmenting hitches, he took up his first job as a music teacher in Karachi High School later moved to The City School (PAF Chapter. Joshua admires his father to a great extent, “For almost 37 years my father Samuel Benjamin served as a Choir Director at the Saint Andrew’s Church Choir.” That is where he drew his inspiration from.

His passion for music was never marred by jostles life had put his way. “In 2012 I went through the most difficult time of my life – that was the time when my mother and father passed away and I was the one to take care and look after my brothers and sister,” Joshua K. said.

“After my father’s death, I was considered appropriate to fill in his place in Church Choir – I was assigned with the responsibility to lead the Church Choir as a Choir Director.” Because I replaced my father, I and my family remained connected with the same church, “and I feel proud to continue my father’s responsibility towards the church.”

In 2010, he was advised by a friend to join the in-house band of Tehillim’s annual psalm festival. “Here I met with many other Christian musicians and got connected with Dixon Wilson Studio, I was fortunate enough to learn about recording techniques.” In the coming few weeks, I caught the attention of celebrated artiste Ahmad Jahanzab who introduced me with other leading singers of the music scene. “I started playing with Abeeda Parveen, Ali Zafar, Naeem Abbas Rufi and Sajjad Ali.”

Joshua Keyth did not quit serving the Lord with his musical talent. “Beside producing commercial music I am also serving the Lord by producing Gospel music.” As a music director he worked on Niggel Bobby’s album “ROOH-E-KHUDA.” “For me proud moment is, when people accept your style of music while many Christian radio and TV channels are airing tracks from this album. Currently, I’m working on another upcoming Gospel album with Worshiper Arif Bhatti and Leo Twins.”

Overflowing with joy, he explained his experience in Coke Studio saying: “This year I was given the opportunity by Coke Studio to become a part of season 9 as a guest musician.” This was a great opportunity for me to learn new things, genre as I played for high-class artists like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Quratulain Baloch, Strings, Fakhir and emerging singers such as Shujja Haider and Javed Bashir.

Joshua harbors an ardent goal to be among the top ranking musicians of the country. “To become one of the best music producers of the country is the aim I have set my eyes on. For me life is everyday challenge, and God has plans for everyone’s life. Have faith- make your weaknesses your strength,” he said as he directed instructions towards aspirant musicians.