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Blasphemy accusation aftermath: Pervaiz Masih sent to jail on judicial remand


Christian accused of blasphemy jailed

Blasphemy accused Christian transferred to jail on judicial remand.

According to media reports, Pervaiz Masih, a Christian man accused of blasphemy has been transferred to jail from lock up. An FIR was registered against him on September 2, under 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code in the Usman Wala Police Station in District Kasur. Police has transferred Pervaiz Masih to the District jail Kasur under judicial remand.

Rights activists say that 40-year-old, Pervaiz Masih who worked at a brick kiln was arrested in Pakistan on charges of making derogatory remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

Pervaiz Masih, resident of Garrewala village of Kasur district, was consequently booked by the police on September 2, after an alleged business dispute causing blasphemy accusations from a Muslim contractor.

Conversely, his brother-in-law, Shamoon Masih, maintains that this entire episode of blasphemy accusations and the aftermath are a result of Pervaiz demanding his wages from the accuser.

“Pervaiz and one fellow Muslim had a brawl with their Muslim contractor on the issue of payment of delivery of four trolleys of sand. The contractor did not make the agreed payment, resulting in heated arguments between two sides,” he said.

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Like so many similar cases of Christians being accused of committing blasphemy when families of the respondents have to face the backlash from the agitated Muslim mob, Pervaiz Masih’s family is also receiving threats from the locals.

Shamoon Masih claims that the family is suffering greatly because of the accusations. “Pervaiz is a poor man who has four children and wife with a minor disability. They are all terrified over what has happened,” he said.