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Blasphemy Accusations: Two Christian Women Beaten, Humiliated And Paraded Around On Donkeys


Two Christian women paraded on donkeys

LAHORE: Two Christian women brutally tortured after being allegedly accused of committing blasphemy.

According to details, two Christian women namely Rukhsana and Rehanna were allegedly accused of committing blasphemy. Both of these women are residents of a village of Shiekhupura District of Punjab.

As reports say, these Christian women purportedly got into an argument with a Muslim woman who wished to buy their home flex which was used as a carpet. The buyer offered a relatively low price to which these Christian women refused igniting an argument between the buyer and seller.

The argument augmented to such an extent that the Muslim woman accused that the Christian women had committed blasphemy. She accused that the Christian women pointed out towards the images on the carpet saying these are the images of Holy Books and Quranic verses. This accusation prompted n agitated mob of Muslims who beat the Christian women after which they dragged them out their house.

Moreover, the mob shaved off the head of Awais husband of one of these women Rukhsana. After beating the two women the mob painted the faces of three Christians with black paint, put garlands of shoes around their necks and paraded them around on donkeys. However, this was not all, the mob continued to beat them and hurled insults as them while ridding them on donkeys. This shameful act was eventually stopped when the local police intervened.

As per reports, Human rights group The Voice Society approached the police and forced them to intervene and help the allegedly accused Christians. The terrified families of Rukhsana and Rehana plan to leave the village after the accusations and the attack, determined not to return ever.