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Blasphemy accused Christian woman to be aided by WVIP


LAHORE: The World Vision in Pakistan WVIP is to defend a blasphemy accused Christian woman.


Martha Bibi
Martha Bibi


World Vision in Pakistan – WVIP put forward the power of attorney in the Court to fend off Martha Bibi; a Christian woman who has been accused of alleged blasphemy. Prior to this, the Court had scheduled 9th of May, 2013 as the next hearing date of her case.

In accordance with the details, WVIP’s lawyers panel  Salvance Jacob, Nadeem Hassan and Lazar Allah Rakha filed the power of attorney to pave the way for the case of Martha Bibi in Lahore on 30th April, 2013.


Martha Bibi, a 45 year old Christian woman, who is a mother of six, had been accused of  allegedly committing blasphemy and later was arrested on 22nd of January, 2007. She was booked by the police under a blasphemy case registered over complain of a local person, from that time onwards; she has been facing the Court trails.


While previously, CLAAS and LEAD panels had been keenly monitoring her case proceedings by the local court. She was put behind the bars early on in 2007 and was soon after set free from prison on bail.  Nevertheless the trial was yet to be decided, in the Kasur Sessions Court. For the meantime, her lawyer filed a petition to transfer her case to Lahore Sessions Court, with an intention to stay away from any disaster. Wherefore, the Lahore High Court accepted her application and as a consequence she was shifted to the Lahore Court, Lazar Allah Rakha disclosed.


The Christian Human Rights campaigner and lawyer Lazar Allah Rakha said that “World Vision in Pakistan- WVIP has been extending moral and financial support to Martha and her family as well.”

Seeing the gravity of the matter, the World Vision in Pakistan WVIP has called upon all the Christians across the globe to pray for “protection of Martha” and for “her deliverance from the blasphemy trial.”