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Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian seeks legal assistance as court hearing approaches


Blasphemy accused Pakistani man seeks legal assistance, as he is to appear before court on May 8. This case may be worst blasphemy case in the history of Pakistan. Nadeem Samson, was accused of committing blasphemy in November last year.

Blasphemy cases in Lahore

Since November, none of the lawyers stepped forward to offer legal assistance to him. During his last court hearing, the judge told him to present his defense counsel in the next hearing. Nadeem’s brother complains that so far none of the human rights organizations or activists have contacted them. “This might well be biggest cyber crime case in Pakistan’s history,;’ he told Christians in Pakistan.

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Since his arrest, he has been seeking legal assistance but majority of the lawyers have refused to take up his case. Nadeem Samson’s brother said that three weeks ago Nadeem Samson tried to contact Advocate Aneeqa Maria defense attorney of Patras Masih-another Pakistani Christian facing blasphemy charges. He explained that thus far the family have not received a response from her.

Nadeem’s brother said that the situation is worsening day by day as, none of the lawyers who were contacted for legal assistance were willing to take this case. Speaking on behalf of Nadeem Samson, he said that he urges all human rights organizations and NGO’s helping victims of blasphemy to extend help to Nadeem.

Lahore district and Punjab have become the hotbed of blasphemy related cases. In line with “Center for Social Justice,” during last thirty years, there have been extraordinary cases of blasphemy reported from Punjab and Lahore district. 74% of all blasphemy cases were recorded in Punjab province alone. 173 cases of blasphemy were reported from Lahore. Until January 2018, 75 people were killed on the pretext of blasphemy allegations. Out of these 75, 14 murders took place in Lahore.