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Blasphemy accused Pervaiz Masih gets bail after just one month of imprisonment


Pervaiz Masih

Blasphemy accused Christian freed from prison.

This is one of very rare instances when a Pakistani Christian Perviz Masih was released from prison who had been accused of committing blasphemy by locals earlier in September and so was hooked by the police after the accusations. Pervaiz Masih Pervaiz Maish is resident of Garhay Wala- a village of District Kasur in Punjab province.

In keeping with details, Pervaiz Masih had a quarrel with local villagers over the issue of a contract of providing sand. The heated discussion which therefore shaped up in blasphemy accusations from Muhammad Khalid who is an influential man of the village along with several other Muslim villagers.

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Before long, after Pervaiz Masih was accused of committing blasphemy more or less all the Muslim villagers were up in arms. They started exerting pressure on the police to register an FIR against Pervaiz Masih. This was not all, the Muslim villagers warned the police that they will set the houses of all the Christians in the village on fire if an FIR containing charges of blasphemy was not lodged against Pervaiz Masih.

In consequence, the police gave in to the pressure from the villagers and conducted a raid on the house of Pervaiz Maish. Police harassed and tortured family members of Pervaiz including the women in his house. Police started interrogating about Pervaiz; inquiring about his location as he had fled soon after the accusations.

When the Christian family did not reveal where Pervaiz was; Police seized family members and transferred them to Police Station in Khadiyaan. The detained Christians including females were cruelly tortured. Knowing about the issue, Pevaiz Masih surrendered himself to the police.

Pervaiz Masih was charged of 295-C, and it is almost impossible to get bail from a local court. Pervaiz Masih was arrested on September 2. As is the trend, the blasphemy accused are denied bail and the cases proceed on long terms.