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Blasphemy Charges Against 31 Christians In Faisalabad Cancelled


FAISALABAD: Blasphemy case against 31 Christians annulled due to confirmed false blasphemy charges.

lasphemy charges against Christians proven wrong
lasphemy charges against Christians proven wrong

The incident was reported in a village of Tehsil Summodri, Faisalabad district, in Punjab, a village where there are about 200 Christian families reside. Recently some of the Christian families went to meet a local landowner Muhammad Iqbal, to ask for a little more land for the local Christian cemetery. Iqbal agreed, and generously gave the families a small piece of land.

On 2 September, with Muhammad Iqbal present on the scene, the Christians were ploughing the land when a group of Muslims suddenly appeared accusing the Christians of desecrating graves of Muslims. Afterwards a complain was filed in the police station in the nearby town of Muridwala and an FIR for blasphemy was lodged in keeping with 295-C of the PPC. The registered charge, totally false, spoke of “Christian vandals attempting to occupy the land” and “more than 400 Muslim graves desecrated”.

Police investigation found that the area was indeed once a Muslim cemetery but many years ago all the Muslim graves were moved to another site. The police annulled the charge of Blasphemy under 295-C, replacing it with 297of the PPC.