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“Blasphemy Laws Are To Protect The Innocent,” Maulana Tahir Ashrafi


Chairperson of the Pakistan Ulema Council Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said on Saturday that differences between various religious sects can be resolved by making sure that supremacy of law is respected and dialogue is held.

Mulana Ashrafi was meeting clerics from Wazirabad and Sheikhupura when he said that the constitution does not allow snatching away someone’s basic rights on the base of color, race or religion.

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The importance of the blasphemy law was highlighted by saying that, “It is for the protection of the innocent.” And on the same grounds the allegation of blasphemy on the Christian couple in Sheikhupura had been negated.

Ashrafi also claimed that it was clerics who had protected Christians and stopped chaos from spreading.

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Ashrafi called for action against the misuse of blasphemy law and claimed that the Pakistani minorities have never voiced any reservation against the law. Those who use it for their own interests ignite controversies.

Pastor Khokhar, one of the attendants, thanked the Pakistan Ulema Council and police for saving the Christian couple in Sheikhupura.