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Blasphemy’ monstrosity: Christians flee anticipating a brewing violence, litigant’ sisters still detained


As the details have it, Nadeem James, resident of Father’ Colony, Sarai Alamgir, is an uneducated man, was entangled in a blasphemy row by his childhood friend Yasir and a cleric Hafiz Tariq. On July 4, Nadeem exchanged his mobile phone’ data with Yasir; who later claimed that Nadeem had sent him a blasphemous poem on Whatsapp.

Blasphemy accusations against Christian youth

Following the blasphemy allegations, Nadeem James fled however, the police raided his house and arrested his two sisters Samreen and Najma along with an eighteen months old nephew. The three are currently under illegal police custody.

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As soon as the news of the police rampage spread the residents of Christian hood, started fleeing and almost all of them had absconded anticipating either a mob-violence or police rage. Previously, incidents of blasphemy accusations on individuals have been marred by extra-judicial judgment characterized by violence against rest of the Christians in the respondent’ neighborhood.

Auspiciously, Christians had left since on the same day the adherents of a religious outfit, Ahl-e-Sunnat Wah Jamaat broke into their houses. Initially there were reports that heavy police contingents have been deployed in the area for the protection of Christians, nonetheless fleeing their homes was the wise on their part, as they have certainly had a narrow escape.

As a familiar routine, police have not provided guarantee of security to the Christians as well as no major correspondence done with the family of the respondent Nadeem James, whose two sisters and nephew are detained.