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Blessed Mothers in the Bible


Motherhood is one of life’s highest callings. Learn how these mothers in the Bible put their hope in the God of the Impossible, and how he proved that such hope is always well-placed.

1. Mary – Mother of Jesus
Mary was given the great privilege of being the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Imagine raising the son of God as your child! God chose her for a reason. She displayed a godly character and trust in God. She was told clearly who her son was. She understood the great responsibility God placed on her. She was faithful to God’s plan.

2. Hannah – Mother of Samuel
Hannah is the mother of Samuel the prophet. Hannah prayed for his birth. Before Samuel was born Hannah had promised God that she would dedicate him to God. She loved God and her son. She visited him yearly at the Temple and undoubtedly prayed for him regularly. Hannah never gave up on God. Finally her heartfelt prayers were answered.

3. Sarah – Wife of Abraham
Sarah was one of the most important women in the Bible. She was the wife of Abraham, which made her the mother of the nation of Israel. She conceived through a miracle in spite of her old age. Sarah was a good wife, a loyal helper and builder with Abraham. Her faith serves as a shining example for every person who has to wait on God to act.

3. Elizabeth – Mother of John the Baptist
Elizabeth was another of the miracle mothers in the Bible. She conceived and gave birth to a son. She and her husband named him John, as an angel had instructed. Like Hannah before her, she dedicated her son to God, and like Hannah’s son, he also became a great prophet, John the Baptist. Elizabeth was a godly woman who was “righteous in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commands and decrees blamelessly.

4. Jochebed – Mother of Moses
One of the bravest mothers in the Bible was the mother of Moses. Her name was Jochebed. Though ordered by the Pharaoh to murder her baby boy at birth, she hid him away as long as she could. When he was a little older she made a small boat for him and placed him in the river. God directed the small ark and baby Moses to the Pharaoh’s daughter. The ruler’s daughter took up baby Moses as her own child, but hired Jochebed to nurse the baby. God used Moses mightily.