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Bobby Jindal First Indian Converted Christian Contesting in Presidential Elections USA


Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal a converted Catholic is the first Indian contesting for presidential elections in Untied States.

44 years old Jindal, is a religious conservative and was born and brought up in USA. He was raised up in a strong Hindu culture and attended pooja, ceremonial rites and read Vedic scriptures. Hinduism was like moral guidance for this staunch believer.

Bobby Jindal had a slow and painful conversion to Christian faith. A childhood friend introduced him to the faith and warned him about his Hindu faith. Later he was given a Bible with his name written on it. This did not appeal him to Christianity but he did start to question his own faith.

A close friend of Jindal started talking about Jesus with him. She invited him to church and read and explained the Bible to him. His parents did not accept his faith in Christ. There were heated arguments in the family and though they still do not fully accept his faith, Jindal continues to call himself an ‘Evangelical Catholic.”

“If Christianity is merely one of many equally valid religions, then the sacrifices I made, including the loss of my family’s peace, were senseless,” are the words of Bobby Jindal who is a steadfast believer.