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BPCA guardedly relocates Christians family bashed over refusal to convert


Christian advocacy and charity group British Pakistani Christian Association have safely relocated a Christian family residents of Samanyala village in Punjab province, to an undisclosed location. Christian laborer Fiaz Masih and family had been laboring at a brick kiln and were purportedly bashed for refusing to convert. The disparaged family had been presented with two plain choices either to convert or die.

Pakistani Christians forced to convert

The beleaguered family narrated the ordeal saying that on September 15, 2016 around 11:30 pm, a group comprising six women and men stormed into their house, at a time when the incumbents were sleeping. The assailants were brandishing guns, sticks and metal rods as they yelled at the top of their voices.

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They hurled two options at the Christian family, as they tried to intimidate them however Fiaz Masih his wife and six daughters and two son remained firm and declined to renounce Christianity. Ensuing their refusal, the vandals now resorted to tie the Christian family up with and blindfolded them. Two of the family members one son and a daughter were taken away by the assailants.

The abductees were now brought at an undisclosed location where they were forced to convert, the Christian girl was gang raped, while her brother was still pressurized to convert yet he refused to convert. Next morning, miraculously the Christian lad was able to break away and reach home. However, his sister still remains missing.

The Police as the victims revealed; refused to register an FIR over the incident, while the BPCA hired a lawyer on behalf of the victimized Christian family. The pursuit of justice in this case may take years however the victimized family is now safe at a new location.

While remarking about this case, BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry, said: “This family is deeply traumatized but safe now. We will now begin the arduous task of helping them rebuild their lives in an atmosphere of safety. However, the captured daughter Jameela may well never be found and is causing great anguish and despair. That Muslim despots can kidnap Christian girls with such impunity is blight on Pakistan’s international reputation.”

“The quality of life for Christians in Pakistan is reaching a nadir whilst Britain and America fritter money into a nation that has a relatively poor record of conduct as an ally in the war against terror too. British and American tax-payers should be questioning the need to keep sponsoring a nation that is a festering swamp for extremism, which Pakistan exports liberally across the globe.”