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BPCA makes exigent appeal for release of marooned Pakistani Christians detained in Thailand


Christian advocacy group British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has put forward an earnest appeal for release of detained Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand. In this regard, BPCA has also confronted the Thai Immigration authorities, over the illegal detention of two imperiled victims who have been put behind the bars in the notorious Immigration Detention Centers in Bangkok.

Pakistani Christians in Thailand

In keeping with BPCA’s report, following successful negotiations, two of the detained Pakistani Christians are likely to be released. “We have had some success and the Immigration Department has agreed to free two victims who desperately need our help.”

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A 50-year-old, Pakistani Christian Ms. Nargis Maqsood is one of the two who will be released. She was hooked by the Thai police on September 10, 2015 along with her husband and three children. She has been behind the bars for a year now. “Fortunately for Nargis her youngest son is 14 years old and we have pressed on Thai Immigration to free her on the basis of his vulnerability and adolescence. We have received news today that the Immigration department would allow her to go free if we can pay the bail fines of 50,000 baht the equivalent of £1107 under the current exchange rate,” BPCA report.

Another victim; 27-year-old Imran Gill was detained on June 3, 2016. The victim is partially paralyzed and has had inhibited growth during childhood. Following an accident in Lahore, he was rendered unable to sit or stand securely. Owing to his medical conditions, BPCA engaged the Thai authorities in serious dialogue which resulted in the Immigration Department acceded to his right to bail in case his bail fee is paid. BPCA is looking to raise further £1107 for procure his release as well.

BPCA further detailed that once their bail is procured they will enjoy a two-year protection from re-arrest which will appease them to some extent. The organization further urges all to help them in raising the funds required to get the victims out of the detention centers.