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Brilliant Christian-Muslim Cooperation Extinguishes Huge Fire In A Friary


KARACHI: Brilliant cooperation between Christians and Muslims overcomes a huge fire that broke out in a friary.

Christians-Muslims cooperation extinguishes huge fire
Christians-Muslims cooperation extinguishes huge fire

A magnificent display of inter-faith collaboration was observed when Christian and Muslims joined hands to extinguish fire that broke out in a Capuchin friary where many Catholic priests reside. When the fire broke out at the friary in Karachi, both local Christians and Muslims rushed to extinguish the blaze.


According to details, on July 16, a fire began at Karachi’s “Capuchin House” around 11:00 a.m. Soon after the fire broke huge blast was heard by the people in the vicinity followed by a overpowering flames that engulfed the building of the friary. A local teacher Asif Nazir who eye-witnessed this incident says, “We thank God that no lives have been lost and the friars are safe,” thanks to in time Christian-Muslim cooperation. “Only an assistant parish priest, Fr. Javed Kashif, sustained burn injuries on his hands while trying to extinguish the fire,” he reports.


Asif Nazir said that the reason why there were no casualties was because “the friars were in the city on their missionary assignments, and the rest of the staff was on summer vacations.” He added that,” it has been confirmed that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. The Muslim neighbours rushed for help in extinguishing the fire, which brings a ray of hope for dialogue, communal harmony, and sustaining peace.”


On the other hand, he grieved over the loss of precious possession of the friary now burnt to ashes saying,” Precious books, documentation file folders, and electronics such as computers have all turned into ashes. He added,”The quantified assessment of actual damage is under process.”


The friars have asked for prayers, support and encouragement as they work to restore their home.


As reported when the fire broke out Father. Qaiser Feroze was on a pastoral visit to the Agha Khan Hospital, whereas Fr. Javed Kashif and Fr. Bernard Younas were at St. Philip’s parish. The Capuchin Franciscans are among the 11 religious priests in the Archdiocese of Karachi, who serve alongside the local Church’s 26 diocesan priests. Jointly, they are serving about 166,000 Catholics, who make up just over one percent of the area’s total population. The archdiocese of Karachi is also actively engaged in works of charity, ministering the youth and women with education, and health and social improvement. Christians and Muslims alike are being ministered by the 14 archdiocesan high schools.