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Bringing refugees in may change the face of the country, says Slovakian Premier Robert Fico


Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, has once again in his anti-refugee rhetoric said,” “We’ll never bring even a single Muslim to Slovakia; we won’t create any Muslim communities here because they pose a serious security risk.” “It may look strange but sorry, Islam has no place in Slovakia,” Slovakian Premier said, He said that he does not sees the refugees as a problem but “rather in them changing the face of the country.”

Slovakian PM Robert Fico

PM Robert Fico, said that his major concerns are that the arrival of thousands of Muslims “who will push through their case” would lurk the Cyrilo-Methodian traditions, based upon which, Slovakia has been created.

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He continued, saying anyone who wants to be multi-cultural, “goes against the very essence” of Slovakia and that it is “impossible” to incorporate Muslims in Europe. “It is predicted more than one million refugees will arrive in Europe this year,” he said “It cannot work to integrate people of other faiths and other cultures.”