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Britain accused of paying no attention to the plight of Christian refugees from Syria


David Cameron

Britain is overlooking the plight of persecuted Christian refugees from Syria.

According to details, a British Catholic peer, Lord Alton has strongly criticized the British government of disregarding the plight of Christians. He went on to accuse the British Ministers of maintaining a “one-size-fits-all” policy towards refugees.

He said that the government had been giving precedence to the “marauding young men” who had been involved in robbing and sexually assaulting hundreds of women in Germany on the New Year’s Eve.

Lord Alton complained that Christians, “who represent no threat to this country,” are facing extreme persecution in their countries Syria and Iraq because of their faith and religion. He urged that they are being overlooked while those refugees who are causing nuisance are being taken in on priority basis.

He urged PM David Cameron and the UK Home Office to act in order to help the persecuted Christian refugees. He said that Christian refugees are being ignored by the UK as they do not take shelter in UN’s refugee camps.

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In response to Lord Alton, Lord Bates from the UK Home Office that the British Government will not discriminate while helping out the refugees from Syria and Iraq. Lord Bates said that Government has been keenly working in collaboration with the UN High Commission for Refugees “to identify cases … in need of resettlement according to agreed vulnerability criteria.”

“The UNHCR’s seven vulnerability criteria are considered by us and other resettlement countries that use them as sufficiently broad to include all those who require a durable solution outside the region, including those whose religion or ethnicity makes them vulnerable.”

“Please be assured that the vulnerability criteria used by the UNHCR does not discriminate on religious grounds. As many Christians are likely to be particularly vulnerable and it is highly likely that some will qualify under the criteria.”