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Britain should send in its troops on ground to wipe out ISIS says an Iraqi priest


Canon Andrew White

Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White has urged Britain to send its military troops to wipe out ISIS in Syria.

According to details, Canon Andrew White has insisted that Britain should send its troops on ground to annihilate ISIS militias. In an interview he said, “There is one way to overcome ISIS. It is not bombing from the sky. We need troops on the ground to bring about a change. They are so evil, so terrible. They have done terrible things to the Christian community.”

Canon Andrew White who is also a peace-maker urged the British government to take in some Christian refugees from the conflict struck region. “We have said we will take 20,000 Syrian refugees but how many are Christian? If we just take in refugees from the camps we won’t take any Christians. I am not against Muslims coming in. It is not just Christians who need help and care, Muslims need help as well. I feel passionately about my Muslim friends. But we cannot sideline the Christians, and that is what we are doing.”

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Moreover, he told that he is doubts that the future of Christianity in the region not good. “The big question is, will there be Christians in the Middle East in five years. Christianity will probably survive. It has been through so much. But this is the hardest thing it has been through.”

Previously, he became a pastor without denomination or church building and started ministering to the battered Iraqi Christian refugees in Amman, Jordan. These days he serves in Amman, Jordan, along with some of the Iraqi Christians from his parish of St George’s Baghdad. He said that there are large numbers of Christians now living as refugees in camps in Jordan include 20,000 Christians who have fled to Jordan from Mosul, a stronghold of ISIS.

“Most of our people in Jordan have lost everything, their loved ones, homes and families,” he said. Currently, he is working without a church building. His congregation which mainly comprises of the refugees meet in a school. “It is the best church I have ever had,” he said.