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British Girls Being Brainwashed By IS Jihadists Into Jihad Marriages


Dozens of vulnerable young British women are being “brainwashed” online by UK terrorists fighting jihad in Syria.

Jihad brides
Jihad brides

These girls, some as young as 16, are then lured into making the journey to the war zone to become “jihad brides” — or even sex slaves. They are often bombarded with perverted messages from jihadists on the internet and are becoming obsessed with terrorist.

Jihadists do this through anonymous social contact platform Ask.FM and Kik — an instant, text-messaging app for mobiles. Many of the girls being persuaded to head out to Middle East become so besotted they bombard ISIS terrorists with MARRIAGE PROPOSALS.They are then coached by the jihadists on how to travel to the war zone and some are even offered money for travel.

Sir Peter Fahy one of the UK’s top anti-terror cops says these fraud marriages often last TWO HOURS. He warned: “Certainly you are just going to be used as some sexual pawn by some very violent, extreme people. You need to call it what it is — rape or sexual exploitation.”