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British Home Office urged to grant asylum to Pakistani Christian family


The British Home Office has been urged to bestow asylum to a Pakistani Christian family. This Pakistani Christian family is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom and maintain that if they are forced to go back to their homeland they might get killed.

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers

The Pakistani Christian family has been living in the UK since six years and waiting for acceptance of their asylum application. Pakistani Christian Majeed (real name withheld) fled Pakistan in 2012. Majeed his wife Saima and two sons Shahzad and Abner (real names withheld) were left with no other option but to leave his homeland after the religious extremists threatened to kill him for his religious beliefs.

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Mr Majeed appealed to the British Premier for permission to remain in the United Kingdom, however, the Home Office has over and over again rejected his asylum application on the pretext that the Home Office officials do not believe that the applicant family might face danger in Pakistan. “Prime Minister, please help us because I do not understand why the Home Office keep rejecting us,” Mr. Majeed said.

“They keep telling us that some parts of Pakistan are safe for Christians. It is true that lots of Christians live in Pakistan but once you have been targeted by Islamic extremists who know your name and your face, it is impossible to live”, he explained.

“Four of my friends have been killed by Islamic extremists and my sister-in- law’s brother is serving life in jail because of the blasphemy law. My nephew was kidnapped last month and no one knows what has happened to him”, he added.

Mr. Majeed landed in trouble when two Christians Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and Sajid were accused of committing blasphemy. Both these Christians were shot dead outside the court, two years ago. Mr. Majeed claims that the extremists involved in murder of Pastor Rashid and Sajid believe that he was associated with the two Christian men accused of blasphemy.

In this regard Paul Sweeney Labour MP from Glasgow North East has discussed the situation with the family and plans to highlight the case in the House of Commons. The applicant family has been told that they have exhausted the process and now have no right to appeal.