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British jets to hit ISIS hideouts in Syria after Iraq


UK jets

The United Kingdom all set to bomb Islamic State hideouts in Syria, after Iraq.

In line with details, the United Kingdom has voted to pull out air raids against carried out by the Royal Air Force (RAF) against the Islamic State targets in Syria. Until now, the British jet planes had been pounding ISIS in Iraq only.

Until now the British jets were restricted to hit the Islamic State in Iraq only, however, UK did refuse to target Islamic State in Syria previously on the pretext that it does not have necessary authorization from the United Nations.

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For hours, the British Members of parliament (MPs) quarrelled over the government’s inclination to hit ISIS in Syria. In this regard, Prime Minister of UK David Cameron who also heads the Conservative Party introduced the case in the British parliament to start bombing ISIS in Syria.

PM David Cameron was of the opinion that these air raids will be of assistance to guarantee the security of the British people at the same time mortify ISIS’s knack to capture territory. PM Cameron also declared that about 70,000 fighters battling against ISIS in Syria will be provided necessary aid by UK.

However, PM Cameron’s motion was greatly opposed by MP Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party while condemning PM Cameron’s plan. At this occasion he said, “It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the prime minister understands public opposition to his ill-thought-out rush to war is growing – and wants to hold the vote before it slips from his hands.”

As a result of voting, one hundred and sixty-four Labour Party’s MPs voted against the government’s motion to carry out air strikes against ISIS in Syria. Moreover, all 56 MPs from the Scottish National Party also voted against this motion.

Nonetheless, 67 of Labour Party MP’s voted in favour of government. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn also demanded that Prime Minister David Cameron to make an apology for labelling those who had been opposing bombing in Syria as terrorist sympathizers.