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British Pakistani Christians Association Urges For Donations For Pakistani Christians Affected By Recent Flood


Wilson Chudhary, head of the British Pakistani Christian Association said “It is disappointing that despite our email distribution of 19,000 we were only able to secure £200 for this years flood relief.

Mass destruction caused by flood waters
Mass destruction caused by flood waters

We hope that evidence of the need for more aid will trigger a greater response. We are aware that money going to Pakistani aid groups has gone amiss, however we have an unblemished record. Moreover, the suffering Christians of Pakistan are so often overlooked by local aid groups unless they choose to convert, and the government rarely provides help. The cumulative affect is that Christian in Pakistan are the biggest losers in all of this. We pray that our regular readers choose to support these disenfranchised communities more wholeheartedly. Prayer provides an opening, active labour is an outreach.”