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British PM visits refugee camp in Syria, discouraged refugees to risk their lives by travelling to Europe


David Cameron in UN refugees camp

British Premier visits refugees in a UN camp close to Syrian border.

According to media reports, British Prime Minister, David Cameron while speaking during a visit to the Bekaa valley camp, said, “Around 3% of the 11 million Syrians forced from their homes have sought asylum in Europe. Without British aid, hundreds of thousands more could be risking their lives seeking to get to Europe. So these funds are part of our comprehensive approach to tackle migration from the region.

Our goal remains to support the development of a secure, stable and peaceful Syria. Without our investment in international development the numbers of people seeking to embark on a perilous journey to Europe would be far greater.”

British PM travelled by a Chinook helicopter from Beirut airport to a UNHCR camp in the Bekaa valley, which is less than a mile from the Syrian border, despite severe threats. He urged the EU to zoom in all its attention on serving refugees in the region.

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According to PM Cameron, tens and thousands of refugees from the Syrian civil war have been discouraged from “risking their lives” by travelling to Europe by means of British aid totalling £1bn, which would be used in funding refugee camps in the region.

PM Cameron said at the camp: “I wanted to come here to see for myself and to hear for myself stories of refugees and what they need. Britain is already the second largest donor to refugee camps … [and is] really helping in a way that many other countries aren’t, with serious amounts of money. We will go on doing that including increasing the amount of money we are giving to educate Syrian children here in Lebanon and elsewhere. I think that’s absolutely vital.”