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BRUNEI: Public Christmas Dispalys Banned Muslims Cautioned Not To Imitate Other Religions


Brunei bans Christmas displays, prohibiting its Muslim citizens to imitate customs of other religions.

Brunei bans Christmas displays
Brunei bans Christmas displays

According to media reports, “Christmas decorations such as Santa Claus figures, Christmas trees, banners displaying Christmas greetings, and sales staff dressed like Santa Claus,” has been officially banned in Brunei. Brunei’s ministry of religious ministry stated that “Muslims should be careful not to follow celebrations such as these that are not in any way related to Islam.”

The decree stated, “Muslims are prohibited from imitating the customs and practices of other religions that are related to matters of aqidah (faith).”

“Meanwhile, believers of other religions that live under the rule of an Islamic country — according to Islam — may practice their religion or celebrate their religious festivities among their community, with the condition that the celebrations are not disclosed or displayed publicly to Muslims. The act of publicly displaying festivities of religions other than Islam can be seen as propagation of religions other than Islam, and it can amount to an offence,” the ministry cautioned.