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Brussels: Plight of Pakistani Christians discussed at European Union’ headquarter


Plight of Pakistani Christians appraised at the European Union headquarter in Brussels. The EU meeting was held on June 30 which was attended by the European Pakistani Christian Action Committee. European Union Commission for Religious Affairs ‘report over state of religious minorities was presented during the meeting.

European Pakistani Christian Action Committee

The report on the State of Freedom of Religion or Belief in the World included an assessment on condition of religious minorities in more than 50 countries of the world. During the meeting, Peter Windle presented the report annual report of 2015 which detailed rights violation of religious minorities in more than 50 countries across the globe.

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President of European Pakistani Christian Action Committee Advocate J.J.George attended this meeting. The attendees laid great emphasis on the human rights violations of the religious minorities living in Pakistan.

According to the European Commission for Religious Affairs report from 2015 to 2016, terrorists targeted Saint John’ and Saint Christ churches in Lahore’ Youhanabad area of Lahore. The suicide bombings at these churches resulted in loss of dozens of lives and the churches were damaged. On Easter Sunday 2016, another suicide bomber blew himself up in a heavily crowded park, which resulted in deaths of dozens of Christians. 11,000 Pakistani Christians have fled to Thailand in pursuit of asylum.

The report further highlighted the fact that 585 Christian girls are forced into Islamic marriage, after which they are forced to convert to Islam. From a period between April and May 2016, 18 Christian girls were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.

About 500 Hindus were left with no other option but to migrate to India. In Baluchistan province, 11,590 Shiite Muslims were killed in2015, 2016. A factory belonging to an Ahmadi was set on fire over blasphemy accusations. There was an attempt to lunch factory workers in the broiler.

The report further highlighted the facts that two prominent leaders Shabaz Bhatti and Salman Taseer lost their lives while raising their voices for the religious minorities in the country. The hate content against religious minorities found in the curriculum of the Pakistani textbooks was also brought under consideration.

During the meeting, all the attendees urged the United Nations and the European Union should revise their funding plans to such countries where religious minorities are facing extremism, intolerance, human rights violations and persecution of various forms.