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Brutal Attack on Christians attending a worship service In India


Christians attending a worship service in Jaripara village, located in the Dantewada District of India’s Chhattisgarh State, were viciously beaten by suspected Hindu radicals on Sunday, October 15 as sow by CCI.

Brutal Attack on Christians attending a worship service In India

According to onlookers, a mob of around 300 attacked the (BCM) Church and hammer the congregants, leaving nine seriously injured, including two in critical condition at the government hospital in Dantewada.

More than 300 people gathered around BCM Church on October 15 as a worship service was being conducted. The mob then disturbs the service, dragging Christian worshipers out of the church and into the street. The mob ordered the Christians to reject their faith.

When the Christians refused, the mob attacked and beat the Christians with sticks and slippers. Women were stripped and even Christian children were not spared by the mob. The mob at the end destroys the BCM Church by set fire to the church’s furniture.

 As a result of this brutal act, many Christians were injured, including Raju Sodi and Sangetha Kartami who sustained serious injuries to the head and hands. Both Raju and Sangetha were rushed to a nearby local hospital and were later move to the government hospital in Dantewada as their situation were deemed serious.

The attack on Jaripara’s Christians is inhuman and highly condemnable,” a local pastor, who desires to remain anonymous, as told ICC. “These attacks are popping up on the backdrop of the state elections that are nearing. The BJP, who is in power in the state, makes it all the more easy for the Hindu radicals to carry on the hate campaign against religious minorities for the political gains.

 According to the local Christians, Local police refused to file a First Information Report (FIR) when the Christians contacted the police. Hindu radicals had filed an FIR on the Christians prior to the attack. Jaripara’s Christians had to protest for more than 24 hours for the acceptance of their complaint about the brutal attack and it remains uncertain that local police will bring the doer to justice.

 According to Open Doors USA “Christians in India were attacked 410 times in just the first six months of 2017. This marked a dramatic increase from the 441 attacks recorded over the entire year of 2016”.