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Brutal revenge: 8-year-old Christian girl kidnapped, tortured and stripped naked on street by Muslim men


Pakistani Christians

A Pakistani Christian girl kidnapped, beaten and left naked on the street by a Muslim family who was seeking vengeance from her uncle.

In line with details, a Pakistani Christian girl namely Palwasha, who is merely 8-years-old, was abducted by a Muslim family when she was on her way back to her home from school. The kidnappers allegedly subjected her to physical torture after hooking her. Later on, they left her wounded but naked in a street near her house.

After a while, when the girl who was grasping at straws, became able to move, she ran home and told her family about all what had happened with her. Initially, the distraught Christian family, approached the local village elders, and sought their help. Nonetheless, they were shunned and were refused assistance of any sort.

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Later on, the Christian family approached the local police station, but when they had reached the police station they found that a police complaint was already filed against them. The details have this that the vicious act committed by the Muslims was actually an act of vengeance from the girl’s maternal uncle.

The facts reveal that victim’s maternal uncle namely Iftikhar Masih was in a relationship with a Muslim girl who belonged to the family which had kidnapped, beat and striped her naked. In due course of time, when the family of the Muslim girl learnt about this relationship they started eyeing for a revenge from Iftikhar Masih.

In this regard, a law group in Pakistan, Organization for Legal Aid in Pakistan has stepped forward to help the persecuted Christian family. While at the same time, The American Centre for Law and Justice said the affiliated Organization for Legal Aid in Pakistan is preparing charges against the culprits. The case being prepared by the organisation revolves around the dispute; which the girl’s maternal uncle, Iftikhar Masih, is involved in.

American Centre for Law and Justice Senior Litigation Counsel- Shaheryar Gill says, “Our legal team in Pakistan visited the village and gathered the facts. We are now preparing a petition, seeking an order from the court directing the police to file criminal charges against the assailants.

If our petition is accepted, the charges will be filed under section 354-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, which severely punishes assaults and the use of criminal force against a woman resulting in stripping her and exposing her to public view. We request your prayers for justice for Parwasha and her family,” he added.