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Building capacities of the spirit of inquiry: Sharoon Javaid a budding academic


Sharoon Javed

Sharoon Javaid, is a Lahore-based young educationist who speaks for a change in country’s education system. He completed early years of education from St. Stephen Cambridge School. He became acquainted with the experience of an away from home, hostel life when he was in grade 5.

“Hostel life taught me great lessons and made me very independent in nature. I was a scout member of group called ‘Path Finders’, somehow I was always interested in community projects and helping people to accomplish something,” he recalls.

“I was always curious to do something extraordinary, something that does not go with the flow and to go against the currents (in a good way). Nor was I too conformist neither rebellious,” this burgeoning education said. Education, however, is not the only arena which became instrumental in the modification of his raison d’être. “I always wanted to express myself so I picked up guitar and started to learn it during 7th grade.

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I remember I used to go after a senior friend who was very good at playing guitar and just see him playing so that I can copy him and practice later on. It was in the early years of my life when I developed my interest in photography and astronomy. The only thing that has always fascinated me is ‘stars at night.’” he said.

“I remember,” he said while adding, “my parents bought me a binocular and I used to go on the roof at night and see the stars and planets. I was so informed about the constellations, Milky Way and different terminologies that I read in books. Reading became a hobby of mine at very early age. “

He studied matriculation from St. Peter’s High School, went on to study Intermediate Pre-Med from Forman Christian College and later acquired a BSc (hons) degree from the same institute. This inquisitive fellow in pursuit of more knowledge, went on to study Educational Leadership and Management Beaconhouse National University and acquired an MPhil degree therefore.

With a scholarly approach and a capacity for procuring more knowledge, he clinched several certificates related to his field some from abroad as well. After amassing this much knowledge, he became engrossed with effective use of modern technology in impartation of education in schools, colleges and universities. Furthermore, he ventured to do his research project in “lack of research-based education in private schools.” Seeing, his highly bespoken skills, a local NGO has harbored him as a member of board of directors.

After all these years of an uphill battle, he snivels,” I’ve been a target of this education system where a child is not given much choice to choose his/her own career. “I was forced to do pre-medical but I had no interest in it at all. So think about those students who are left with no choices at all, the family pressure is exerted so much that they find no other option but to follow their parents’ wishes,” he sounded off.

With a preconception of an “upgraded” education system in Pakistan, he does not hesitates to spur pupils saying, “Especially in Pakistan we have to do a lot of work and I would encourage the youth of this country to come in this field of education and change the things otherwise no one is going to do it for them unless they do it for themselves.”

“I came into education field not by chance,” he retains, “but by one teacher who changed my whole perspective of thinking about education. I feel that we have great potential in our country especially the young generation is full of wonders; they only need someone to believe in them and give them chance to explore their inner skills and talents.”

He endeavours for such a system of impartation of knowledge that along side furnishes students with a deeper sense of much needed morals such as tolerance towards each other. “I believe if we provide such education is our classes that not only equip students with knowledge but also with critical thinking, problem solving skills, tolerance towards each other etc only then true meaning of education can be understood.”

While robustly criticizing currently prevalent out-of-date education system and teaching techniques generally employed in educational institutes he says, “The world is changing at rapid pace and where do we see ourselves, are we teaching 21st century skills to our students, where digital citizenship has come to play now. Getting out of books and discovering new realities is need of time.”

He is presently engaged as a lecturer in the Department of Education at an exalted educational istitute of Lahore, he has started a motion, called “Genius at Work” in his classes.” It allow students to share any skill or talent they have at the end of the semester, during the semester they are given time to explore themselves.”