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Bulgarian border police shoots dead an Afghan refugee who crossed the border


Bulgaria shoots a refugee

Hungary seals off its border while an Afghan youth shot dead by the Bulgarian border police.

In keeping with details, a 25-year-old Afghan refugee was shot dead by the Bulgarian border police. Bulgarian interior ministry stated that the Afghan refugee shot by the border police was with a large group of “offenders” who crossed the Bulgarian border from Turkey.

Georgi Kostov, Bulgarian interior ministry’s chief secretary, told the media, “Our border patrol of border guards and police in the area had stumbled on 50 offenders, who illegally entered the country. They put up resistance during the arrest. One of the officers fired warning shots and, in his words, one of the migrants was wounded by a ricochet and later died.”

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The Afghan refugee shot dead was among a group of 54 refugees who were eyeing a safe life in Europe. The Afghan refugee died on Thursday October 15, night. At the moment, Europe is grappling with greatest refugee crisis since World War II. He was just one of the 700,000 refugees who had under taken this perilous journey to Europe this year. This is teh first case of a refugee shot dead during teh current migrant crisis.

On the other hand, UN’s refugee agency UNHCR has sharply condemned the use of force by Bulgaria and urged the Bulgarian government “not to treat refugees like criminals. UNHCR spokesperson Boris Cheshirkov said, “We, at UNHCR, are deeply shocked by this incident.”

“We deplore the death of an Afghan asylum seeker, trying to reach safety across the border. We call on the Bulgarian authorities to conduct an immediate, transparent and independent investigation. Seeking asylum is a universal human right and not a crime.”

As a minimum 11,000 asylum seekers from various countries have entered Bulgaria ever since the start of this year whereas, more refugees are expected to pour in and the number is likely to rise to 15,000 by December. Majority of these refugees are fleeing violence in Syria and entering Bulgaria to travel on towards some of the wealthier countries Germany and Sweden.