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Burma: Christians suffering from a less visible and brutal ethnic cleansing campaign human rights groups warn


Human Rights groups and aid agencies have warned about the less visible but brutal ethnic cleansing of Christians in Burma. These groups claim that as the violent persecution of Rohingya Muslims continues to grab attention of the world, Burmese Christians are also suffering at the hands of the Burmese Army.

Burmese Christians persecuted

The US officials also confirm to the fact that the Burmese Army is also carrying out ethnic cleansing campaign against Christians. Details emerge that as a result of this campaign roughly 100,000 Christians have been displaced leaving thousands marooned in the Burmese jungle terrain. Christians have either fled heavy bombardment or anticipating violence after the monsoon season ends.

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In an interview to Fox News, Ephraim Mattos, East Asia Operations Manager for The Nazarene Fund stated: “Christianity is under direct attack by the Burma Army. Christians have repeatedly been singled out for rape, torture, and death over the course of this war, and that trend is continuing. In Burma, if you don’t fall into the category of being Buddhist and ethnic Burmese, then you are considered second-class, and not worthy of the full rights of a citizen.”

Christians make up about, 8.2 per cent of total population of Burma also known as Myanmar. Majority of these Christians often inhabit undeveloped, and abandoned states. Burmese Christians have encountered about seventy years of war with the army; suffering persecution including murder, rape, forced conversions etc.

It is claimed that the Burmese army carries out its operations along the periphery provinces including Rakhine state in the west where the Rohingya are targeted and neighboring fringe state of Chin where Christians and ethnic minority groups are persecuted. In the north, the atrocities are carried out in state of Kachin, southeastern region of Shan, in the south to the Karen – also called Kayin.