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By faith I forgive the attackers says a Pakistani who was attacked for converting to Christianity


Pakistani Christian Convert

A 50 year old, British Pakistani who converted to Christianity says he has forgiven the attackers who had attacked him just recently.

According to details, Nissar Hussain a British Pakistani who had converted to Christianity from Shiite Muslim faith has been constantly facing harassment and assaults from the Muslim community.

Nissar Hussain met with another attack from two unknown men who beat him severely. Nissar’s knee and hand was fractured. Recently, Nissar was invited to address the Christian congregants at the Eden Christian Centre, Ilford, UK.

While addressing the congregants, Nissar illustrated the way he and his family have had to face persecution for converting to Christianity. He said his account, according to him is different because he had to face persecution in the UK instead of any of the Islamic countries.

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Subsequent of his conversion to Christianity, he initially had to face the threats from his Muslim family and community. Later on, threats from the Muslim community turned to attacks and the Christian convert family was forced to relocate to another location in Bradford.

Since then, he said he and his family including his wife Kubra and children faced several attacks, threatening, harassment and so forth. His car has been smashed six times during the course of 2015, which amounts to about £5000. Soon the family had to quit living in their hometown Bradford and start afresh in another city.

Despite prolonged and constant persecution, he says he has a passionate belief in Christianity. He said in all of these darkest moments he chose to cling to Lord Jesus Christ. “I felt the Lord’s presence so intimately and the Lord has come through for us in miraculous ways that we could never have imagined.

Despite the recent brutal attack outside my home, I have no doubt whatsoever that the Lord was watching over me and preserved my life as it could have been fatal. I felt His warm and glowing presence throughout the ordeal and its aftermath.”

Over the years we have been called to re-exercise our faith and deep in faith we have forgiven our attackers. This is what the Lord requires of us as He forgave, while He was hung on a cross He forgave those who persecuted Him.”