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By the year 2060 about 40% of Christians expected to be Africans: Pew Research Center


In keeping a recent study, by the year 2060 about 40% of the Christians will be Africans. This study was conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center. The study delineated that four out of ten Christians will come from sub-Saharan Africa.

Christianity in Africa

It was detailed that, in 2015 only 26 percent of Christians came from southern Africa. In view of boom in Christian population, by the year 2060 this figure of 26% will reach 40%. The report further stated that in the continent Christianity alone is not in its increase; it was also highlighted that Muslim population will also increase in years to come.

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Pew Research Center detailed that this increase in Christianity is due to relatively younger Christians in the continent. It was stated that the younger Christians in Africa enjoy a high fertility rate in contrast to Europe and North America. The factor of ageing population has slowed down birth rates in Europe and North America. The report further said that at the same time, Christian population is on the decline in Europe where many are leaving religion and embracing atheism in recent years.

Pew research Center further stated that growth of Muslims in Africa is also projected to rise to 27% by the year 2060. Muslim population was 16% in the year 2015, the report said. The report pointed out that high fertility rate among the younger generation would be playing a pivotal role in the growth of the Muslim population in Africa. In the meantime, adherents of other faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism are also predicted to increase. These populations are to remain dominant in the Asian region.