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Call to pray for the Pakistani pastors who continue to serve despite “hostility”


Evangelism in Pakistan

Evangelism in Pakistan is not an easy task by any means; in the midst of hostility Church planting is a dangerous proposition, especially when seminary training is not always available to all the pastors and evangelists.

While keeping the perilous conditions; pastors and evangelists in Pakistan face harsh antagonism as they go about planting churches. Nonetheless, Pakistani Christians are keen to share the gospel with others in the face of potential backlash from the Islamic fundamentalist.

While this remains a solid reality that pastors and evangelists receive threats in order to deter them from spreading the faith. Seeing this, Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) has called upon all to pray for the pastors and evangelists who are working in the predominantly Muslim nation- Pakistan.

In this regard, Bruce Allen from the Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) says, “Christian pastors are getting death threats from folks saying, ‘We know who you are. We know where you are. Prepare to die within a matter of days.’”

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These threats cause much hindrance; nonetheless, Christians in Pakistan should step up prayers for the pastors and evangelists who face a horde of barriers despite radicalism. “The risks aren’t just about terrorism or physical harm,” Allen says. “Sometimes, the risks are frequent loss of privacy, loss of personal control over agendas, and emotional wear and tear.”

In the wake of these issues, church planting becomes a lot more difficult and stressful where predominantly the population is hostile towards the Christian faith. Nonetheless, “The pastors, the evangelists, the church planters are fully aware of the culture in which they serve,” Allen noted.

These valiant pastors and evangelists understand the rewards they are to get after all the striving as they continue to press on amidst intense persecution and hostility. Pakistan is a country where blasphemy law can easily be implied to entangle a Christian even though any “substantial” evidence of the “blasphemy” is available or not. Moreover, it is not only the pastors and evangelists who are in peril but their families suffer also.

“We need to pray for their stamina, their courage to continue in light of those things, because it is very wearing,” Allen says. “We really want to help fortify the people who are serving in those dark situations.”