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Call to uphold inter-faith harmony and unity reiterated by Council for Inter-religious Peace and Harmony


In a joint press conference from the Inter-religious Council for peace and harmony the desire to create peace and inter-religious harmony in the country. This press conference was attended by leadership from Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Hindu communities along with various political and social representatives.

Inter religious harmony in Pakistan

This press conference which was titled “Ehtram-e-Pakistan” was held under the auspices of the Council for peace and inter-religious harmony. The participants of this council included Doctor Alexendar John Malik, Archbishop of Lahore Sebastian Shaw, President of Justice Pakistan Party Malik Munsif Awan, Hafiz Kazim, Raza Naqwi, Sardar Janm Singh, Mualana Hussain Ahmad Awan, Father James Channan, Naeem Badshah, Reverend Shahid Mairaj, Doctor Manohar Chand, Mufti Abdul Moeed Asad, Mubashar Nizami and many others.

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All the participants were of one accord that there is inevitable need to uphold and propagate peace and harmony in the country. All of them said that all must unite regardless of religion, caste or creed and thrust forward as one nation. They said that at the time of creation of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam had a vision for Pakistan for Muslim as well as Non-Muslim Pakistanis. “We are all one nation, we all are bound to honor our country and love it as a part of our faith,” they restated. “A sense of brotherhood must be created,” said Doctor Bishop Alexendar John Malik.

They said that using this platform representatives from various faiths are expressing resolute determination to strive for the betterment of the country, to play their roles in dissemination of peace. All the participants agreed to the fact that eradication of fundamentalism is the need of the hour. Unless this scourge is done away with, it is impossible to uphold peace in Pakistan. Towards the end of the conference, all the participants chanted “Pakistan Zindabad” as they waved national flags.