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Calls for arrest of murderers of Christian girl thrown into canal after sexual assault


Followed by much outcry against the heinous murder of a Pakistani Christian girl, a Pakistani Christian social Advocate Jacqueline Sultan has called for immediate arrest of the perpetrators. She expressed deep grief and sorrow over the incident. She said that the fact that the police was reluctant to register an FIR was deeply distressing.

Gender based violence against Pakistani Christians

Advocate Jacqueline Sultan prayed that may the bereaving family of the 12-year-old victim Tania Marriam, finds strength in the Lord as they bare the loss of their daughter. She urged that those who had perpetrated this crime must be punished and made a public spectacle.

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She asserted that people are insecure in our society because there is not actual writ of law in the society. She said that the laws and regulations must be above, however, culprits are given a free hand and are able to roam freely after they commit crime while the police does not co-operates with the victims.

On January 23, the incident unfolded when the victim’s dead body was found from the Upper Canal. The police showed customary reluctance in registering the FIR of the incident and claimed that the girl had committed suicide.

Christian charity British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) succored the victim’s family and provided with the legal assistance. After much delay, police was convinced by the brother of the victim and the solicitor; thus a murder case invoking Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code was registered. The first information report stated that Tania’s brother Johnson her at her school Convent of Jesus and Mary, in Sialkot Cantt area.

Later the same day, he received a phone call from the police that dead body of his sister has been found and he was asked to come and identify the dead body. He was further informed that the girl had committed suicide, however the family of the victim were not willing to accept this statement.

On February 6, Tania’s family submitted a petition before the Magistrates court in Sialkot. Consequently, Judicial Magistrate Shagufta Sabir summoned Sumbrial police to produce before the court primary investigation and facts regarding the case. The court further stated that the lack of investigations in this case cast a shadow of doubt upon the role of police. The court further directed the Sambrial police to carry out investigations on the grounds of murder.

Father of victim, Nadeem Gill expressed serious doubts while speaking with the BPCA, he said: “There was a disgusting police cover up and I fear that they have colluded with the murderer and know more then they are letting on. They do not care about Christians.”