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Calls for curriculum reforms subsequent to Christian schoolboy’s lynching


During National Assembly session on September 12, Tuesday matter of Christian schoolboy’s lynching was discussed by the lawmakers. This matter was introduced by Christian lawmaker Khalil George, demanding reform in the curriculum being taught in schools and colleges.

Sharron Masih case

Last month, Christian schoolboy Sharoon Masih was brutally lynched by his classmate for allegedly drinking water from a glass used by all students. Criticizing the curriculum used in schools MNA Khaleel George said that reforms have become inevitable. He informed the House that Sharron was being beaten in front of his teachers who did nothing. He criticized that religious intolerance and hatred towards minorities is being engraved on the brains of students by means of curriculum.

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“Our school curriculum needs to be revised to reflect interfaith harmony,” said MNA Khaleel George. He said that stern action must be taken against the perpetrators. He demanded that the alleged murderer should be punished according to law. He said that the government should rename the school where Sharoon was lynched after him. MNA Khaleel said that victim’s parents are poverty stricken and must be succored by the government.

Sharoon Masih was beaten to death by his Muslim classmates at school. Brawl was initiated after Sharoon Masih reportedly drank from the same glass a Muslim student had used. Reports emerged that a teacher was present in the classroom when the tragedy unfolded but he claims to have witnessed nothing. The teacher claims that he did not see anything because he was reading a newspaper.