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Calls for intransigent crackdown against those practicing sorcery under the assumed name of Christianity


Pakistani Christians call for an uncompromising crackdown against those sorcerers masquerading as Christians and embezzling money from ignorant people. Christians heaped condemnation on the practice saying divination, sorcery and all such acts are strictly prohibited in the Holy Bible, how anyone can claim he practices sorcery or black magic under the banner of Christianity.

Sorcery and divination practiced in Pakistan

Christians urge for an onslaught against those who are defaming the Word of God. “Some people are spreading fallacious teachings and ideas disguised as Biblical teachings, these people should be hooked,” Christians demand. Moreover, government is urged to take effective measures to thwart spread of this cult as soon as possible.

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Additionally government is urged to nail such sorcerers who are misleadingly using the word “Masih” (Urdu word for Christ) with their names and subterfuge as Christians. Apprehensive Christians also pointed out to the fact that it has now become a common practice for such sorcerers to use word “Masih” with their names and advertise in newspapers; which is bringing defamation to Biblical teachings.

Sections of Christians are also calling that the government must issue directive to the newspapers not to advertise for such sorcerers who are offending Christians and Christianity. It was further declared that if newspapers and other publication who are publishing such advertisements do not cease from circulating offensive advertisements against Biblical teaching, Christians will be liable to take legal action against such newspapers and sorcerers.

Representatives of Christian community claim that sorcery, divination and all such practices are repeatedly prohibited in the Holy Bible, therefore, government must impose a ban on all such advertisements which are a vilifying Christianity at the same time sorcerers misusing Christianity for their vested interest should be hooked.