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Canada: A pro-gay woman violently attacked a Christian who shared with her Christian beliefs about homosexuality


A Christian attaked by gay

An infuriated homosexual violently attacks a Christian missionary after he told her of Biblical teachings about homosexuality.

According to media reports, a 26-year-old Christian missionary was viciously stabbed in the back on Friday August 7 in a busy street. The attacker is allegedly a pro-gay woman who became violent after the missionary shared with her Biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality.

An eye witness Eric Brubacher said, “The confrontation was about the idea of homosexuality…if that’s OK, if that’s acceptable, and whether God loves somebody who is in that state. And we assured her that he does.”

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However the name of the missionary has not been revealed who was rushed to the hospital, according to doctors he was treated and the injuries were not life-threatening. The attacker managed to escape from the scene after the attack.

The Ottawa Police are however, searching for the attacker. Witnesses describe the attacker as a 22-year-old girl named White. An Ottawa Police spokesperson said that the attacker had not yet been detained. Police investigations are currently in progress.

The Christian community, on the other hand has already forgiven the alleged attacker, nonetheless, it is not clear if the victim will be pressing charges against the attacker.